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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

2017 Book Pile

I completely forgot, again, to do my yearly book pile post.

The following 5 are ones that I loved so so much, that I am keeping on my bookshelf,
that I couldn't put down & which I would highly recommend giving a try...

The following 3 were really great too, just a step down for this reason or that
from me super loving them but I still would recommend that you check them out...
(yes that is my poor honey in the hospital bed in that photo!)

The following 3 were in my opinion good but ones I can't put on my great or best piles...
(and yes I know, one of them is Alice Hoffman, my all-time favorite, but I've got to be honest!)

The following 2 I truthfully kinda felt like I was wasting my reading time with but I am sure some
out there might find redeeming qualities, I just for whatever reason in the moment couldn't...

 And these 4 books, sadly, I just couldn't recommend, these 4 I had to push myself to get through...
that's just my humble opinion, I can be pretty hard on books, sometimes it's just the flow of writing
that throws me off from enjoying it, sometimes it's just too much detail that feels useless,
you might want to give them a try, I think any book is worth a try, but these ones I just didn't enjoy.

17 books read...not a stellar reading year that's for sure!
I try to average 2 books atleast a month but it was a hard headpain year
and a very hard year for loosing buns & dealing with sick buns etc.
Let's hope 2018 is stellar and that I find way more to recommend to you.
Thanks so much for hopping in and as always don't forget to check us on on Instagram.

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