Tuesday, March 6, 2018

An Accident & Reminder

Hi guys....
well Lady Leisel decided to try to take the tip of my dominant finger off a few days ago!!!
so I haven't been able to type much or do much of anything in my studio...
I think I have a few more days of healing before I can start again
because even typing this hurts...argh!
Yes, Leisel has behavioral issues for sure but this was just an accident between us ladies,
she saw me coming with a carrot piece for her...
she apparently was starving and couldn't wait and she jumped up unexpectedly,
chomped down on what she thought was the carrot but was indeed my finger tip
and the weight of her falling back down with my finger in her mouth
just about sheared the whole tip off!  Fun stuff!!!
I can't stress enough...rabbit teeth are incredibly sharp!!!
It took about 4 hours of holding it above my head for the bleeding to stop
but the whole time instead of panicking about the nastiest bite I've ever gotten,
I was panicking about what if I had to get stitches...!

what if the doctors thought I had an evil rabid rabbit & tried to come take her away!!
So I was convinced I couldn't go to the hospital for stitches no matter what...luckily I didn't have to!
But yep, that's where my mind went
than I calmed down a bit and started worrying about infection because it was pretty deep...
no one could know that my Lee Lee did this...
Yep, ha ha maybe I do watch to much Grey's Anatomy!!
My goodness....ugh....
but ya know this is the perfect example with Easter around the corner,
to remind people that rabbits are not good Easter presents unless you've done your research.
Rabbits are very emotional little beings, some more than others and as cute and cuddly
as they look a lot of buns do not like to be held or picked up or are fussy with how they are handled
and for whatever the reason, be it mistreatment, mishandling or a very hungry tummy...
sometimes their nasty pointy teeth make an appearance!
So please think about that & make your Easter gifts chocolate, not living breathing beings
that deserve the world but instead might be dumped outside or in an already crowded shelter,
like Leisel here was, she was clearly abused and clearly neglected before finally
she was dumped at a shelter where she had to wait a long time for experienced adopters!

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