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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Fuzzy & Frustrating!

Well I think Higgins & Misa might someday want to be friends
They seem quite interesting in spending time together at the gates etc
but I feel like bonding face to face is a ways off yet...Misa is still feeling to spazzy to me...
But atleast they get to keep each other company when we can't be with them, so that's good!

It was a bit of a rough transition introducing him into the house, he kept spraying poor Misa
& she kept trying to bite his toes off! (Rabbits can be so nasty to each other, just like people!)
but now when he goes upstairs to play she seems to miss him which is a good sign I think...
but with rabbits you just never know, they are quite impossible & infuriating some times!

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