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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Betty-Loo & Henrie Sitting In A Tree...

We've been trying to bond Misa & Henrie for a year now
and Henrie at first liked Misa & she loved him and Elsie
BUT Elsie for whatever reason decided that she didn't like poor Misa
& it seems that once Elsie said no, Henrie followed suit &
he was always quite mean to the poor little girl, espeacially after Elsie died
(which I just never got because Misa is just too adorable and perfect!)
BUT when Betty-Loo came home she was put into a large section of Henri's room
and we were hoping because he did look lonely, but we know better by now than to expect anything!
But right from the start they liked each other, they didn't fight once, not one single time!
They would smoosh up together, against the gate separating them...

So, we went for our usual first time bonding drive in the Jeep about a month ago,
no fighting still at all, they just sought each other for company & kissed right away...
We put them in the landing, no fighting, just more kisses & snuggles...
so we let them into the living room, good as gold once again...
So we increased the size of the area more & more & they just kissed & hugged & played together
so we brought them down to Henries room, expecting a bit of a tussle down there but nope
thick as thieves and totally smitten with each other.  It's amazing to see after Henries been so alone
and after knowing that Betty-Loo had a hard time at the shelter & lost her own sibling too.
We unfortunately have to still separate them over night because her teeth are still so bad,
it takes her all night to get any of her veggies in and
Henrie is well, a piggie, for lack of a better word, ha ha.
But every morning we lift her out of her area and into Henries and they run together like
they've been apart forever and they do a lap or two side by side around the room...
it's perfection & utter sweetness
and I know if Elsie is looking down she'll approve of this new union.

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