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Sunday, May 6, 2018

A Cozy Day

We had a rough week...
Henrie had to start antibiotics...Betty-Loo had to get scheduled for a big dental surgery next week
and than on Thursday night Leisel for no apparent reason got really sick which was a whole night up and than a whole Friday afternoon for me of cleaning up diarrhea from floors & rugs...
It's always so tough never knowing why Leisel's tummy does this now & than out of the blue.

So before we head into what will likely be a difficult week with Betty-Loo's surgery on Tuesday,
today we're relaxing & not worrying about how nice it is outside or anything on our to-do lists.
We are all set up for a cozy day...jazz is on, strawberries are plentiful, Moscato & espresso stocked...
we're resting up, hanging with each other & the bun-babies...what are you doing?

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