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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Betty-Loo Is Gone

I am in complete shock...Betty-Loo is gone.
Her dental surgery was going just fine...
she was doing great & than suddenly her heart failed & they couldn't get her back.
We had no choice, all of her teeth were too long, she needed the surgery or else the molars were
about to start growing into her cheeks & her eating had become almost impossible,
the last week she could not get any veggies in whatsoever, just a high quality pellet.
We've been through 13 surgeries on the bunnies.
This was one of the first ones we weren't super worried about, I don't understand, I want to scream.
I told her she'd go for 'just a little nap, wake up with teeth she could use & come right back home'
I feel like I failed her. Like I lied to her.

I should have hugged her longer & harder before the surgery, before they took her away...
all I can picture when I close my eyes is her helpless little face in the carrier being carried away...
I can't help but think if we just waited another week, if it was on a different day.
She was given away twice in her life,
unwanted, she sat there waiting for a family at the shelter a whole year...
we were so excited to adopt her.
we had sooooo much to make up to this sweet precious soul....we were still getting to know her.
But I knew already she was right from the start an easy going soul who just wanted company
and love with a catching effervescence & light...I just loved being int he same room with her.
I feel like she was ripped away...I have no words, I am devastated by this one.
Bear with me & my blogging & online absence as I try to process this.

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