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Friday, June 1, 2018

Food Friday - Miso Noodles With Vegan Egg

Okay you guys so the vegan eggs that you can buy right now don't actually taste like eggs
(which is okay with me because eggs always made me sick to my stomach
when I actually thought about what I was actually eating!)
and  let me be honest, on their own like as a scamble, they aren't great
BUT if you mix them with stuff or use them in cakes etc they do the job and do it quite well.
I don't think for vegans that it's all about taste replication...it's about an alternate for kinder choices
so if something doesn't taste like it's intended to, it's okay,
because I for one am still happy to have that kinder choice.

Anyhow, I am a noodle fiend...I could eat noodles 3 meals a day.
and this is a recent favorite, especially on those lazier cooking days.
We just use a package of those ready made noodles (a vegan one of course)
and keep in mind that just because they say 'beef' for example sometimes they are still vegan
BUT on the flip side sometimes they say 'veg' but still have fish or chicken, so check the ingredients.
We add in tofu and kale and sometimes mushrooms etc & lately we've been using the Vegan egg
replacer in one of those poaching microwave thingies and putting it on top.
Mixed with the yumminess of the miso noodles, it's really tasty...
don't get your hopes up but do give it a try, you might be happily surprised like me!
(and for happy gut flora, which I always need help with, a good side of fermented beets or kimchi).
Enjoy XO

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