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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Share Sunday

Share Sunday time...
As always just a few things I came across on the web recently
that I thought interesting enough to pass along to you all...
(if you ever have suggestions of your own do email your links but only positive things please).

(because I got pretty sick last year for months, my whole body, all because my gut flora was off).

This is a bit older but I think it's amazing because as a Vegan of course I want people to eat less meat and here is nature in a way telling the world, hey it's time to change your ways humans!

Any story where a person shows kindness to a creature, furry, feathered or otherwise is one I am going to like but this one is especially cool because how many people do you know who would take the time and effort to care for a bee like this?  It just make me happy & if your feeling like I have been, just extra sensitive to all the crap going on out there, you need a happy joyful story too.

Enjoy XO I hope to see you all again next week.

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