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Monday, October 29, 2018

Goodbye Jaks Jelly Bean

I've been putting this off and it's one of the big reasons I've been so sporadic with posting
because I just couldn't post yet to tell you all that our Jaks has passed away.
He died on October 2nd at 9pm here at home peacefully with his family around him.
He was 13 years old, our oldest bunny ever, he impressed us every single day with his tenacity.
He helped pave the way for so many of our rescues.
He's one of the beginning reasons that we've dedicated ourselves to helping misfit buns.
He was & always will be one of the best & most tenacious rabbits, we've ever been lucky to care for.
He is the very last of our original crew.
I've been missing him fiercely but quietly, just like he lived.
The day before he died he had a great afternoon outside and even had an evening time spa treatment.
He passed with a fluffy as can be face, with all knots combed out and with a belly full of clover.

I shared my upper studio with this little guy for over 10 years and it's feeling very empty right now.
It's a real adjustment to suddenly not have to schedule our lives around his twice daily heart meds
and at this moment, I miss the routine because it always meant to both of us that we were lucky
cause that strict routine meant he was still with us, I still think it's medicine time!!
I still think I hear him cough, I still jump up to check on him etc.
He fought so many things in his lifetime, way too much for any one little soul but he pulled through it all with flying colors because that was him...a spirited soul of brilliant colorful tenacity.
Now he joins his bestie Jinny up there in the stars, I hope they are pop-corning together like crazy.
He fought congestive heart failure 9 days short of 3 years,
we can't even express how incredible that is, it's unheard of...he was a miracle in many ways.

I loved being your Mama Jelly Bean, you made me a better person through and through.
I will carry your tenacious heart in mine Jelly & I will never forget your sweet sweet neck kisses.
I will miss you Every. Single. Day.

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