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Thursday, November 29, 2018

A Star Gazing Crackle

So this past summer we found this pretty little Grackle in our backyard.
She was hiding underneath one of our cedars and was soaking wet, not moving much.
We left her for awhile, watching from a distance but when it was clear
that she wasn't getting better and night was fast approaching,
with cats and raccoons always scampering in the backyard at night we picked her up.
It was pretty clear that she wasn't okay, she couldn't keep her balance, fly or hold her head normally.
I put her against my chest and she just let her body be propped up by mine.
The only time she would struggle was when we tried to leave her alone,
when she was against my chest, she calmed down, stopped struggled & just looked around.
We think she had a neurological disease called 'Stargazing' that apparently some wild birds get
for no reason, where all they do is stare upwards, which is exactly all she wanted to do.
so we held her for hours on end, gently holding her head where she clearly wanted it.

We stayed outside with her so she could hear the crickets and feel the breeze.
But once the mosquitoes started pestering us and her, we went into the house.
And than around 2:30 in the morning, against my chest, she passed away, it was quick.
We felt love for this little soul in the few sad hours we spent with her.
We buried her in the front garden where the rest of her flock tends to hang out.
I felt so honored to see her beauty up close and to feel her trust.
And here's the thing that struck me about this day....
that huge difference we'd see in the world if people just embrace other beings, no matter the species.
It's the simplest and easiest thing to do, to reach out with kindness,
especially to the most vulnerable and delicate.
We just have to learn to step outside of our owns needs a bit more,
to let go of our shit and get out of our own heads, if we can do that, extending a helping hand is easy.
Because the connection and beauty found in doing so is so bright and so very very rewarding.
Anyhow!  RIP little beautiful Grackle XO


Unknown said...

I am so grateful that you cared for this little soul...God put you there at the right time and place as she didn't die alone...so Thoughtful and Heartfelt...

Natascha said...

How sad. I once came across 2 robins in the road-One was hit and one just sat next to it and looked stunned as if it may be had been hit too so I stopped and got out of the car and picked it up. It was still alive but I gently walked it over to the side of the grass and laid it in the grass so that if it was going to die it would at least not be hit. I don’t know what happened to it but I when I drove by again I looked to where I put it and I didn’t see a body anymore. So I like to hope it flew away!