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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

2019 Here I Come

Hey you guys...

How's the New Year looking for you?

Are you a resolutions type of person?

I sure am BUT ya know this new year
I am not going to list them,
my list is feeling hopeful but perhaps delicate as well,
so because of that I am going to, for now anyhow,
keep things close to my chest &
we can see things unfold as the year takes shape yes?  YES!!

I can tell you that my plans do include art, art & more art and bunnies, bunnies and more bunnies &
ultimately just being kinder to myself because 2018
was a year that physically kicked my ass!

I already have tons of new images prepped on the page
& in my head and I am super excited to get back to the studio
after a long two weeks of holiday rest.
I am ready to push myself as much as my body &
the bunnies allow me to!

I know one thing for sure right now though,
I won't let Instagram take me away from my blogging time anymore
and 2019 will see me pushing away the drama & shit
and it will find me focusing and zoning in on my unique happy.

 How about you?


Lucy said...

I love your bunnies and it makes me happy I bumped into your corner of the internet!

To answer your questions, I'm not a resolution type of person, but I do like to choose words (1 or 2) to guide my actions each year. I make vision boards related to the words and I tack them on the wall where I can see them every time I look up from the computer. The first word for me this year is "listen," as I want to take more time to listen to others and to myself (body and mind). That's actually how I came to find your blog! As part of listening, I'm making an effort to go back to finding blogs that inspire, and listen to what other souls have to say throughout the world. So thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Happy new year.

Mandy Saile said...

Hi Lucy, I am so glad you found me and thanks for the lovely note. I love blogging, it's not like Facebook or Instagram where you can get too caught up in followers or hearts etc, the blogging world seems more 'real' more one on one in a way and more honest too more often than not, maybe because it takes more effort than the other social platforms, I don't know! BUT I sure am glad you found me. Picking a word is a great idea. I did that last year and my word was "FLUID"...just be fluid, in spirit, mind and body. This year I don't know what my word should be, hmmmmm I think it may have to be "Creativity" or "Tenacity" or both, yes both ha ha:D Hope your new year is off to a good start XO.