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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

2019 Here I Come

Hey you guys...

How's the New Year looking for you?

Are you a resolutions type of person?

I sure am BUT ya know this new year
I am not going to list them,
my list is feeling hopeful but perhaps delicate as well,
so because of that I am going to, for now anyhow,
keep things close to my chest &
we can see things unfold as the year takes shape yes?  YES!!

I can tell you that my plans do include art, art & more art and bunnies, bunnies and more bunnies &
ultimately just being kinder to myself because 2018
was a year that physically kicked my ass!

I already have tons of new images prepped on the page
& in my head and I am super excited to get back to the studio
after a long two weeks of holiday rest.
I am ready to push myself as much as my body &
the bunnies allow me to!

I know one thing for sure right now though,
I won't let Instagram take me away from my blogging time anymore
and 2019 will see me pushing away the drama & shit
and it will find me focusing and zoning in on my unique happy.

 How about you?

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