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Monday, March 25, 2019

Bye Bye Henrie Biggins

Our handsome big gentle giant Henrie Biggins is gone...
9 days after his cardiac event he suddenly took a turn for the worse and passed away in my arms.
What a tough, amazing and kind boy this soul was.
Such a strong and sensitive friend to so many...
I am so so glad that we adopted him and his sister Elsie from the shelter all those years ago.

He really felt like one of those easy solid buns that would just be around for always
so I am kind of shocked right now to suddenly find myself without him,
My studios especially are feeling empty and his best friend Flynn is quite lost all of the sudden.
I don't know how much loss the heart can take, it's feeling like mine can't take much more
but I do know one thing for sure, I am so so so beyond lucky that I got to be his Mama.

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