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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Heart Attack For Henrie

So on Monday night around 9pm our handsome Henrie suffered a small heart attack.
We were sitting watching t.v. and heard a ruckus in Henrie & Flynn's room so we went running
to find that Flynn was sitting off by himself perfectly normal but Henrie was all stretched out
unable to stand or get up, breathing super hard with a super rapid heart beat.
He was perfectly fine and active and hungry all the day and evening, it was super sudden.
He refused to eat, he didn't want to open his eyes
and his body language held all the signs of a bunny about to die...
We rushed him to the vet
(thank goodness our vet is always there for us no matter the time of day or night)
and suddenly at the vet's office he perked up, to the point where
all 3 of us clearly could see it was not a situation of having to help him pass.
The doctor said he didn't seem to be in distress or pain but his heart did sound full of liquid
and the most likely answer was that he did indeed suffer a heart episode/mild heart attack!
So he was given a shot of a heart medicine that helps the body pass the liquid away from the heart.
We brought him home, laid with him all night long, not sure what was going to happen...
and suddenly around 5am, he popped up without falling over and started to eat!

Now it's Thursday, 3 days later, and he looks like nothing has happened at all.
The doctor said that the attack clearly happened on the side of the heart where he can survive.
We are still holding our breath...he is 9 years old and for big bunnies that is considered quite old.
He's on the exact same heart meds now, twice a day, 12 hours apart just like our Jelly Bean Jaks.
That's thrown me for a loop I tell ya! 
(It hasn't even been 6 months since we ended that whole routine with our Jaks)
To be on that 12 hour cycle again with heart meds, well I admit I had a good cry about it.
BUT, if it means that it keeps our Henrie comfortable and with us and Flynn awhile longer, so be it.
We will adjust and adapt for him, like we've done for so many other buns
because he deserves the best and longest life that we can possibly give him.
People gave up on him before...
that's why he ended up in the shelter system at 4 years old with his sister Elsie.
We'll never ever give up on him...no matter how exhausting...no matter what...
he's too precious and too awesome and he's our boy.
So right now everything seems to be okay...
we're on eggshells but today he's with us so it's a good day.
and now our Henrie Biggins officially has joined the Tough Nut group!

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