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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Yuuji & Leisel

Hey, did I ever tell you guys that Yuuji and Leisel bonded???
It's been quite awhile now but I don't know if I ever announced it.
When we decided to adopt Leisel, we knew she had behavioral issues to work out
but Yuuji had lost Teela, his best friend and he's such a sturdy steadfast patient guy,
we really felt like if anyone would be a good match for Leisel it would be him...
so we divided the bedroom in half so we could bring Leisel (a special needs adoption) home.
Truthfully, it's far from easy bringing new buns home, it's a pretty intense process
because we are a home for so many other buns but we are used to it by now to know that whiles
things are hectic for a bit (and definitely inconvenient with gates etc!) things always settle down.

It took a year before we were able to start bonding them.
We don't usually start the bonding process until they show certain behavior at the bonding gates.
When they stop trying to bite each other, when they stop getting worked up when the other one moves along the gates, when they start throwing themselves over near one another, it's than time.
We were starting to wonder if Leisel would ever calm down enough for us to see if they wanted to be buddies but sure enough almost right at her 1 year adoption anniversary, they both started to show the signs that they were ready for face to faces and a few weeks after applying all of our bonding tricks with a whole whack of patience, they bonded...
It's always one of the most satisfying things for us, when we get to remove gates separating buns!
They aren't the closest pairing we've ever had but they really like each other
and being near Yuuji has been nothing but good for our poor messed up Leisel.
Aren't they gorgeous together though.

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