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Friday, May 17, 2019

I am Back!

Hey guys, sorry for that really long unplanned absence.
I am back and my goodness I've missed this blog of mine!
I was away for a few reasons but the main one was just simply that
life has been kicking my ass lately!
Long story short,
my migraine life got really bad and at the same time I took part in the Migraine Summit
which was pretty overwhelming for me as I don't think I've ever fully accepted how much
my life as a migraineur affects me, so for lack of better words,
I kinda went into a mourning for lost dreams (more on that later on).
Than I let all kinds of stress from all kinds of directions hit me and pile up
and my body got pretty darn sick let me tell you...I ended up in the hospital on two occasions
and just a couple weeks ago was experiencing a very scary heart issue...all due to stress.
Another big point of stress for me has been being a vegan in a very cruel uncaring non-vegan world
(more on that later too for that's a pretty big issue!).

I have also been diagnosed with a new thing that I am not quite ready to chat about yet
as I am still accepting it and processing it...it's nothing horrible, just something I'll have to deal with.
Than our Flynn got very sick for about a month & we thought we would lose him.
And this happened not even a month after we lost our Henrie to a heart attack.
And in between all of that my sweet sweet man has been having problems with his ears
and we've been dealing with long sleepless nights on the floors etc with stasis and gas
in mostly Leisel and Misa, who are prone to these problems...
Life with so many rescues is always rewarding but hardly ever very easy.
But I am feeling Spring full now...I am soaking in the birdsong...
looking forward to a new season with hopefully very little drama and losses
and a new season with a much stronger grip on how I let stress rattle me!
So start visiting me here again okay...I am back...and I have so much to share XOXO

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