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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Respect For Earth's Last Week

Hey everyone
I just wanted to show you some shots from the awesome group exhibition
I was lucky to be included in recently called "Respect For Earth" at the Novah Gallery.

It was a showing of almost 20 local artists and over 50 pieces of artwork
all pertaining to our own unique viewpoint on this one precious home we call Earth. 

This is one of five pieces I had hung in the show "She Took Care Of Her Kindred Spirits"

The gallery space at Novah is pretty cool, two long nicely lighted hallways
and a really cozy common area to show the artwork, a really nice space for an art show.

It was an honor to be included.  North Bay may be small but we have amazing talent aplenty.

And first time curator Sarah Carlin-Ball did a really amazing job at putting it all together.

Sarah made these gorgeous weaved baskets and we were supposed to set an intention or make a wish
on an object or on a piece of paper which we than put into the baskets...all were welcome to do so.

My wish was that more people make the connection and choose to go vegan for the Earth's sake.
My other wish was that I am able to keep being a voice for the voiceless & a home for the wayward.
And I set an intention to start using less plastic when grocery shopping (more on that later).

This was one of my all-time favorite pieces in the whole show,
there's an honesty to this piece that touched me.

Here is another of my pieces in the show called "She Was Nourished By Green Living"/

This is my friend, mentor, high-school teacher and one of my very first supports and reasons why I became an artist, David Carlin.  How cool it feels to be in the same show with him.

The exhibition has a multitude of mediums, including pottery in the outdoor space,
like this outdoor piece by local potter Pat Stamp.

And multimedia metal pieces by one of my favorite local artists Carol Davidson.

The opening was a crowded, lovely, uplifting afternoon with beautiful company.

Here's another of my pieces called "She Wished On Every Star To Always Be A Safe Haven",
this one is a self-portrait (it's for sale but I am more than okay if this particular piece never sells!).

(Pottery by Pat Stamp)
I truly think there's something for everyone in the show.

On the big poster my bio says "...(Mandy) firmly believes that the best & biggest way to respect our one Earth is to go Vegan" and I know that will 'annoy' some people but it's an opinion I feel very strongly about and here exactly why...meat agriculture is irrefutably the main leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions, dead ocean zones, mind boggling rates of species extinction and mind boggling mass deforestation...the simple act of adopting a vegan lifestyle is one of the biggest and best ways a person can actively not participate in all the things that are killing our world! 

So if you are in the North Bay area and are local to me (I know the majority of you are not however)
hop on by and check out the show at the Novah Gallery located at 176 Lakeshore Drive
This Saturday June 15 is the very last day...
however there is a possibility that the show just might be made into a book, wooowww, so exciting.

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