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Monday, August 26, 2019

Duck Friends

Did I happen to mention that this summer two ducks found sanctuary in our front yard!
And we live right in the middle of the city so it felt extra magical to me!!
Last season I helped care for 2 baby ducks and being near these beauties reminded me of that time.

I didn't feed them but they did munch a bit on the fallen birdseed.  I did give them fresh water a few times a day though.  They've moved on now which is good because I am not set up to care for ducks that won't fly South in the winter but I think there's a good chance they'll be back next Spring.

1 comment:

Natascha said...

We’ve had mallards in our yard too. We are moving... and I worry about the birds that nest around my yard - I will leave a bird house behind- that has been used every year