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Saturday, January 18, 2020

It's Back

The night of my honeys' 2nd surgery, I came home to find Flynn's head tilted & right eye
constantly scanning and I said "FUCK" because
a) I knew instantly that his ear infection was back and
b) it couldn't have come back with any worse timing, I was completely exhausted.
I called the vet right away, it was 12:30 at night and he didn't agree that it was an emergency
BUT we know our rabbits, we've seen just how fast the infection spread in Flynn last time.
So I had to disagree with the doctor and insist for an emergency visit (and yes that cost $300)
because whiles I do not want to piss our trusted vet off etc,
I will always first & foremost advocate for the animals under our care
and I knew waiting all night to get meds into him would just make things worse for Flynn.
So by 1am, with my honey worrying from his hospital bed,
I was at the animal hospital with the vet administering the meds Flynn needed.
He looked bad & wouldn't eat for over a week but just started eating today actually, YAY.

He was completely stressing me out though because he started to give us a really hard time
when it came to the critical care feedings. He's already 9, he's already skinny
and we couldn't afford not to have food in him tummy,
especially with such a strong antibiotic dose going in every 12 hours.
I don't know why the timing is always like this...
just when you feel like your at your ropes end, that's exactly when one of the rabbits will get sick!
The night of the first surgery, our newest rescue showed up (more on that soon).
The morning of the 2nd surgery, Leisel wasn't eating...then Flynn that night
(when I should have been checking myself into the ER for my heart, more on that later too!).
The other night we were tired from all the stress of what Jonathan is going through and were so
looking forward to crawling into bed early & of course, guess what!
Misa wouldn't eat so we were up with her ALL night.
This rescue life it hard...
and I could do without all the sleepless nights but even now going through everything we're going through with Jonathan, we curse often yes absolutely, but really at the end of the day,
we wouldn't want to be doing anything else, caring for these amazing animals together is just "us".
It's really unfortunate and sad that other people don't see the magic in it all.

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