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Thursday, February 27, 2020

Ag-Gag Bill 156

Is my face imploring enough to get you guys to please please please take a moment
to sign a petition to tell our government that we, as caring Canadians,
do not want to see ag-gag bill 156 passed.
This is a bill that allows animal agriculture to keep getting away with it's wicked evil ways
by gagging the truth, by punishing animal activists and those who want and need the truth.
It stops all of us from standing up for the voiceless and it stops the truth of what really happens behind those walls everyone wants to but can't keep ignoring for the sake of our own selves.
This bill is not in any way shape or form a step forward for humanity, it's a step back
and accepting this bill is closing your eyes and allowing us to take a step back into the dark ages...
we have to be smarter than that.  Our chances of fixing things now are slim but there's still a chance.
This is not a vegan thing, this is a human thing, a freedom of speech thing,
a kinder future thing, a truth seeking thing, a connect the dots thing.

Canada has some of the weakest animal protection laws in the whole world,
and as a Canadian aren't you ashamed of that?  This bill will only add to our bad track record.
Allowing this bill to pass will say that Canadians don't give a crap about helping to protect our very most vulnerable and innocent or about the right to be able to make informed decisions.
Allowing this bill to pass further encourages animal abuse.
This bill gives power to the greedy and heartless
and punishes and silences those wanting to better the world.
Petitions DO have power but only with numbers...
this petition is already over 14,000 signatures strong
but it needs more to get the attention of the politicians.
So I implore you, as a human being wanting a better future for everyone, not just animals,
please please sign this petition (just click here)
and say HELL NO to Ag-Gag Bill 156.

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