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Sunday, February 16, 2020

Bun Cozy

Our weekend has been bunny centric.
Flynn isn't doing so well, he fell & hurt his foot & the antibiotics have wrecked havoc on his tum.
In between caring for him, I've just been going from bun to bun doling out snuggles...
Lydia & Barnaby are love sponges & it cheers me up to be with them espeacially.

I wish we could have had good sleep & rest this weekend to prepare ourselves for the coming week...
My honey's 6 weeks of cancer treatments start this week and we're super duper stressed about it.
The live tuberculosis virus they are washing his bladder with terrifies both of us...
But that's not today, so as much as possible, bunny snuggles...sweet simple bunny snuggles....!

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