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Thursday, February 13, 2020

It's Not The Price, It's The Life You Save

Trying new vegan goods is one of the joys in life in my opinion.
The New plant based Breyers ice cream is really nice.
I prefer the salted caramel whiles my honey prefers the cookies & cream flavor.

The cheesecakes from Daiya do to me taste like real cheesecake.
We love to top them with fresh fruit & coconut whipping cream.  The key lime is my fav.

There are so many tasty cheese alternatives & meal substitutes out there
but still some of my favorites are made by our friends at The Kind Choice Food Co.
I highly recommend giving your local artisan cheese-makers a go, I am sure they'd appreciate it too.

And three of our favorite new brands available pretty readily even in our meats & potatoes town is;
The Sheese cream cheese is our go-to, the Gusta 'cheese' isn't cheese but it's yummy, especially the original flavor & their sausages are my absolute favorite, especially the Brunche & Germaine kind.
I am not a fan at all of the Field roast cheeses BUT their Smoked Apple Sage sausages are delicious.

Sure vegan products can be on the pricey side, I admit that, they definitely can be BUT
here the biggest thing...you don't need them to be plant-based, they are just treats
& most important thing...
the price of them is nothing compared to the price of an innocent animal loosing it's life!

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