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Sunday, March 15, 2020

Corona Ready?

This whole Corona virus is insane...a pandemic level virus...everyone is terrified, including me.
I was already feeling super overwhelmed but now to deal with this Covid-19 virus on top of
my honey going through cancer treatments...it's feeling like a very unfunny joke!
His immune system is shot right now because of the immunotherapy, so we're extra stressed now.

The other concern is the rabbits...we have 9 little souls dependent on us through this thing.
We already picked up extra antibiotics, critical care, extra pellets, hay blocks, apple dumplings etc.
But I started stressing about veg for the buns.
Not that they wouldn't be fine with just pellets and hay, they would be BUT I worry
about them having to go without fresh veg & the sudden change of that.
We did get extra things that tend to last longer in the fridge like carrots, fennel, turnip.
And we did get extra veg and fruit to throw into the dehydrator.
Atleast that would be something and they love dehydrated treats so none of it will go to waste.

But it's crazy out there...and it's just starting which is the scarier part!
the pellets we buy were all sold out, luckily the store owner saved bags for us!
The canned good selves are near empty, the pasta and toilet paper aisles are completely empty...
sure the stores will get more, but at some point you'll not want to go out if you can help it &
hoarders will hoard and gashers will gash because the bulk of people basically suck!
I just hope what we've prepared for the buns is going to get us through.
And all of this comes from people eating contaminated meat the experts say!
Most of these epidemic and pandemic events are caused by eating animals...time to go vegan world!
And because people just are to stubborn to stay home and not travel it's spreading like wild fire.
I want to pull my hair out over the stupidity, stubbornness and selfishness of people.
I want to honestly smack people across the face when they tell me they still plan to go ahead & travel.
To them it might just be like getting a normal flu but to someone like my honey, it's a very real danger & threat, so why just not stay put, entertain yourself & kids at home and help us ALL be safer...argh!

Is there anything special that your doing for the animals in your care if you can't get to the store??

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