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Monday, April 20, 2020

Kindness is Key

It's so depressing on Instagram lately...
all I am seeing are animals being abandoned, like bunnies in parks because people can't be
bothered to feed them or care for them during the pandemic.
I am seeing videos of dogs being gathered up and being burned alive
because people fear catching the Corona virus from them...

I've been having to take a break here and there, especially last week during Easter
seeing all of the baby bunnies flooding into shelters, needing homes...ugh.  I can't take it sometimes.
If we can't be kind to all kinds, to the most vulnerable, to those with absolute innocence and
those who have absolutely no voice of their own then what the heck is even the point of it all???
Please take time to check in with people around you to see if they need help with their animals.

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