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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Unhappy Buns, Good & Bad Attitudes

A few months ago our water tank exploded.
This was like the third time!
I came downstairs to give the buns their breakfast and immediately
knew something was up because Misa and Higgins weren't there waiting for me.
A second later I noticed water all over floors, it squished up and out of the baseboards
as I ran to find the buns and I realized it was hot water...
the buns were in the theater up on the coffee table looking very upset & concerned.
We spent the whole morning with the shop vac, sucking up the water.
The whole entire water tank emptied!
Our laminate flooring is of course ruined.
Of course my sweet calm honey just said "Well, I've been wanting to replace this floor", ha ha!

It was a couple weeks of upset because it took awhile to get it fixed.
Washing out of a bowl of hot water for two weeks brought me back to being broke in college
so it was somehow sweetly cozy for the first little bit ha ha!
Every time a repair person would come over to look and give a quote etc,
I'd shuffle the buns upstairs so they weren't underfoot and that
interrupted their nap time and Misa isn't a happy camper when that happens.
Then the new tank they put in wasn't working properly,
I was freaking out because suddenly I couldn't take a hot bath,
the water would run cold after 2 minutes & my body relies heavily on baths to get through pain.
One of the guys actually stormed out of our house and left us high & dry
because we dared to call him back over and say it wasn't working properly!
but lucky a 2nd guy said right away that something wasn't right
and a new diptube was installed and we were back off to the races.
And I really appreciated the 2nd guy who said
"Oh no, a person with fibromyalgia definitely needs hot baths" ha ha.

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