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Friday, April 3, 2020

Winter Wind Down

The buns didn't have a great winter this past season because of everything
that was going on with my honey, where there were so many unexpected rush visits to the ER,
I found myself too nervous to be bringing the buns out just in case we had to suddenly rush
to the hospital!  and not single one of the 9 are easy to get back inside,
you can beg & plead & try to convince but pretty much have to be patient & wait for them to tire out!

When they did get outside though they sure did have a blast.
Misa & Higgins have the most fun I think.
Because of the surgeries I was on my own alot with the shovelling so I am pretty proud of getting it all done on my own and so grateful for the times my Dad dragged his snowblower over too.
Things are melting pretty fast now...they are excited for Spring & for their sake, so am I.

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