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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Awesome News

We thought we'd have to wait until the 19th for the pathology report from Jonathan's 3rd resection
but Jonathan's surgeon called us yesterday afternoon
and for whatever reason the pathology report took only 4 days instead of the usual 2 weeks
and I answered the phone for a private number which I hardly ever do...
and it was his surgeon calling to say there is NO SIGN OF THE CANCER WHATSOEVER...
he doesn't even have to get more BCG treatments at this point.

Just another scope in 3 months (for the next two-five years).
The re-occurrence rate is now less than 10%.
That's still a scary number when your talking about cancer but we're taking this as a win.
This is amazing news but it hasn't sunk in yet, I think we're just too exhausted.
The doctor did say that his immune system is completely shot & he basically doesn't have one now and that it will take some time to build up again, and the two pulmonary embolisms take up
to 2 years to be reabsorbed back into the body so we must keep being super vigilant about Covid19.
But we can go back to life now without that double edge knife of fear constantly cutting into us.
We're going to have an awesome summer even if we have to continue to self-isolate
and just putter around the yard & house with the buns and each other...
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yayyyyyyy.

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