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Sunday, June 7, 2020

The Fledglings Have Flown

It was wonderful to watch the robin nest this past month...
three babies successfully flew away with their Mama.
I climbed up just get a better peek at the nest and saw there was 1 little egg that was not viable
but I left the nest and egg where it was as Robins usually have 3-4 batches of babies every season
and whiles they tend to build a new nest for each brood, they will take material from old nests.

It was a honor to watch them.  The Moms are sooo dedicated.
I know how nervous Robins are around people typically so I was pretty touched that she
got used to me and seemed okay with me fairly close to her babies when I was out watering
the garden and trying to get some quick snaps of her beautiful babies.
Nature it so amazing & powerful, the world would be better if more people embraced it's magic.

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