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Sunday, July 5, 2020

Vegan Awesomeness & Favourites

I wanted to share some of my absolute favorite plant-based/vegan products in case you were looking for something in helping you or/and loved ones adopt a kinder, healthier way of eating.

Our favorite go to 'milk' is Silk organic soy milk.
My absolute favorite coffee, now that I am off of caffeine, is Starbucks Decaf house blend
but it must be with my absolute favorite creamer, also from Silk, their almond vanilla flavored creamer...try it, you'll never crave 'real cream' again and it's so much better for you.

We recently, just in time for summer, discovered that Nestle makes a vegan drumstick
and as far as we can remember what the dairy ones taste like, these taste the same, super yummy.

One of my favorite plant based companies is Gardein (they are Canadian by the way whoot whoot)
I don't think I've disliked anything that they make.  They are on the pricey side for the amount you get but well that's unfortunately the culture of vegan food right now because it's not subsidized like dairy and meat products.  These pork-less bites are my honey's favorite,
they have a really nice spiciness to them with a ooey gooey sauce and very tender 'meat'
and I love the crab-less cakes, they are creamy and as far as I remember, taste quite a bit like crab.

Califia Farms makes these cold brew espressos that's just dreamy.
I admit, I had to add a bit of sugar because I like my coffee super sweet.
I can't have it now because I am off caffeine for my migraines & chronic pain but
if your a coffee drinker, love your summer time cold cafe treats, I highly recommend them.

(If you've never had salted dried broad beans, find them, they are delicious).
SoFresh's cold brew coffees are really tasty too, they just aren't as strong as the Califia
but when we can we stock up on SoFresh's oat milk, oat milk it one of my favorites,
it tastes so fresh and just so nourishing for the body.
Earth Island makes one of my favorite cheese, a provolone and a cheddar.
We are also huge fans of Sheese's cream cheese, it actually tastes like real cream cheese,
the slices not so much but  we love love love their feta too.
Vegannaise is my favorite mayo, especially the garlic one but nowadays even Walmart has vegan mayo and they are all wayyyy healthier for you than regular dairy mayo. 

Now back to Gardien...the beefless tips are one of my favorite treats.
They don't look like they do on the package but they are yummy all the same.
We like to just cook up a whole bag & eat it beside steamed broccoli and mashed potatoes.
We  recently gave the Emborg cheese a try on pizza and it did a really good job.

SoDelicious has so many super delicious vegan ice creams available,
we try every single new flavor and we haven't been disappointed once.
However one of my favorite all time ice creams comes from Ben & Jerry's, it's their Cherry Garcia.
I am honestly not a fan of any of the Halo ice creams...not after the other ones.

I am always so surprised that even in our little Northern meats & potatoes town,
plant-based options are quite readily available, not so much in restaurants sadly but in grocery stores, there is usually an option for most things I find, sometimes you just have to search.
You can't get attached to anything unfortunately because it seems that most things plant-based
seem to come and go without rhyme or reason (except for your big companies like Tofurky or Daiya) BUT it's always fun trying new products anyway.

You don't need any of this stuff to go vegan, this is all just extra treats but if your looking for
substitutes to make kinder, better, smarter choices, these are all a really great place to start.
If you ever have any questions about going plant-based, don't hesitate to contact me,
I am more than happy to try to answer any questions, to encourage you & to cheer you on XO.

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