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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Beautiful New Shelf/Door & Pantry

So over delicious holidays my ever so talented and handy honey made this beautiful and very useful addition to our cozy little abode....

It is the door to our new pantry area and I am so excited and happy with it. It's a lovely new place to display some of my work, such as cards, small paintings and jewelry. But it feels like a wonderful secret everytime I open it to go into the pantry (which for about 7 years now has been such a disater. It was simply a place for us to throw everything we didn't know what to do with). So over the holidays it took a good 3 days of sorting things out, recycling, redistributing and just plain chucking and Jonathan spent another 3 days giving it a fresh coat of paint, putting in lots of shelving, new flooring etc...he did a wonderful job. Here is what lays behind the shelf/door....

...and yes of course, being somewhat of a neat freak...even the pantry has to be orderly, the only room I don't organize and touch, and yes begrudgeling so, is Jonathans office space on the main floor, I want to trust me!
Last but not least I wanted to mention, to any of my local readers who like to come by my studio to browse, look or purchase, I do have a good selection of Pretty In Print fabric cards, by my talented and lovely friend Judit Gueth. They look great alongside my cards on my newest card shelving.
Well with that bit of new goodness shared, I am off....lots to do, lots to do...Happy Creating and join me tommorow for a new little Avian Painting.


Judit Gueth said...

The shelves look really good! Way to go Jon! :-)
My cards look so pretty on the shelves too! Thanks for displaying them so beautifully!

Anonymous said...

Wow, it looks just as good in the pics!! I know you are just as happy to get it done as I am. Now we just have to keep buying supplies for our little cubby under the stairs...so, what's next?

Unknown said...

Jon you did a great job.
Mandy everything looks so good.
You two make a great team :)