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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Star Light Star Bright Wishing You A Cozy Night

A new illustration...meant to be a Christmas card...yes it's abit late but it'll be right on time for next year, ha ha...I really wanted to finish it up before packing away all the Christmas drawings etc in my studio.

This is suppose to be our Roo (grey, on the left) and Our Ella-Luna (black, on the right, even though Ella is a lop). On the front it will say "Star Light, Star Bright..." and on the inside of the card it will say "...Wishing You A Cozy Night". I won't be offering any prints or greeting cards of this image until the xmas season of 2009.

So though Christmas is long gone, I hope you enjoy this image nonetheless...tonight I plan to finally pack up all our xmas decorations and such, it was on the agenda for this past Sunday but unfortunately a monster migraine decided to keep me captive in bed!

Join me here again tomorrow...where I'll share with you two latest house projects. XXOO Bijou.


Judit Gueth said...

That's so adorable! :-) I guess inspiration for Christmas cards is much easier to get when it's snowy outside not when you're busy cutting your grass and enjoying the warm weather.

Anonymous said...

Ah...two little plmup bunnies in love under the mistletoe. Lovely. Everyone, but your cards now for next year!