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Monday, December 20, 2010

Ghost Girl Bette

A new ghostie girl is quietly drifting in to introduce herself today...

Her name is Bette...

...she is a gal who wants not much more than a warm home with a giant oven in it because her favourite thing in the world is to bake sweet smelling goodies all day long.  Cinnamon knots are her speacilality.  She loves to share all of her baked sugary goodness so if your ever in your kitchen and you smell some Cinnamon waft ghost like past your nose that might be Bette offering up some of her goods or simply popping in on your kitchen to see what confectionery goodness your up too...

...and yes she does where such fancy hats whiles baking, she told me that there's no reason for a lady's head to go unadorned even whiles in the heat of the kitchen....

(Prints Will be Available by the end of this week.  The first 2 ghost girls are now in my Etsy shop)

Have a wonderful day and hope you don't have too much last minute xmas shopping to do.

XO M & The Xmas Bunnies.


ladaisi said...

This is beautiful!

I love how you add patterns and designs to all your whimsical creations.

I very much like that you have sheet music for the background as well.

Merry Christmas!

- Lauren

Ladaisi Blog

Michelle May said...

Love her Mandy!!! I love all the girls!!! Please package up one of each for me and send me an invoice! I have three frames waiting for them!!! I'm so excited!
xx, shell

Anonymous said...

The hat is just as great as an apron.
Love her

Deyfenn Slayd said...

I'm really liking the aged music sheets in the background. Too cool (if possible).