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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Rabbit in Ducky Company

Ella Luna, Jonathan and I were out in the front yard enjoying a beautiful evening...
Ella was washing herself by the big tree in the middle of the yard,
She leans against the tree and it holds her up, so it's one of her favourite spots right now...

When suddenly Ella Luna said
'Heh I think we have some company....'

(Can you see who???  Look to the right of the photo)

The 'court ducks' decided to grace us with a lovely long visit.
They've been coming back to our court year after year, for about 10 years now.
They waddle around the court but usually seem to prefer the other side of the street to our side.

Ella Luna watched them...
she's never ever had the company of ducks before.

...and they watched Ella Luna...
perhaps they've never seen a black rabbit before!

Everyone got along swimmingly.
The ducks stayed with us for a couple of hours and they must have decided that they liked
the little black bunny because when we woke up this morning and looked outside
there they were, fast asleep by the tree & they've been there all day...
maybe they are waiting for Ella to go back out.

They are welcome visitors....Ella Luna says they seem like very lovely souls,
and I am extremely content to watch them waddle around our front yard
as I sit inside working on a watercolour.

Once again life delights...ahhhhh.

XO Mandy, Ella and the Court Ducks


Aline said...

Hi Mandy, Love,love your blog story today. I can feel and see the magic present in the sunlight and in Ella Luna's mind....... looking forward to our spending time together soon.

Luv, Aline

Unknown said...

This is adorable Mandy! I'm glad Ella Luna enjoyed her visit :)

Mandy Saile said...

Thanks so much Aline and Malinda...that's oodles for stopping in. XO.

Anonymous said...

Ah...our fuzzy little monster. Too cute she is. Nice to have the ducks visit also :-)

Lisa said...

Sounds like Ella and the ducks had a nice day :) Glad to hear she's still enjoying being outside!