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Tuesday, February 4, 2014


I want you to make the acquaintance of a very cool little dude...
his name you may ask?
why how polite of you to ask,
his name is
Read on to hear a tiny bit of his story...
You may perhaps mistake him for a squirrel or a guinea pig (the latter to which he is indeed related),
however our fair dapper Goodwin is actually neither of these...
he comes from Central America and is in fact an 'Agouti'.
Do you know what he does for a living?
Well our furry friend here owns a very popular button franchise.
(with a couple of stores just opening up now in South America...how exciting!)
He is proprietor, designer and maker of much sought after buttons made from Brazil nuts.
Ever single button in his shops are created by Goodwin himself with his very own nimble teeth.
You see, Agoutis have a special tooth enamel that is twisted in this super cool way
to make the teeth super extra tough and super strong. (oh that Mother Nature is a clever one she is).
Goodwin's parental background & special teeth really are the makings
for the perfect button nut nibbler/designer....no wonder his creations are so sought after.
They are really quite something to marvel at...and very expensive, naturally of course!
See the nifty blue denim jacket he's wearing?
Well that's his favorite thing in the world.  He's never without that coat of his. 
It was handed down to him by his father...a great old Brazil Nut farmer named Papa Rojas.
He was the one who taught Goodwin how to find the biggest & best nuts out there.
Goodwin still has a collection of very special nuts which he collected with his dad
when he was still but a wee tiny thing.
These nuts are saved only for the most important of clientele, like kings, queens and huge rock stars.
(Prints of Goodwin will be available soon)
(The original is up for grabs, just email me at mandysaile@bijouswhimsy.com)

1 comment:

Deyfenn Slayd said...

Great image...great story. They go hand in hand.