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Thursday, February 6, 2014

I am Gonna Gush About Frenwyck

Today is a special day, for it marks a whole entire year that our Frenwyck has been with us.
We love him so, I can't even really put it into words...sappy, I know, but true nonetheless, ha ha!
We just can't imagine not having him in our rabbity family. 
He really has healed our hearts.
This amazing rabbit was at the Toronto Humane Society.
Can you believe someone just dumped him off & in horrible condition too...poor baby. 
He was at the shelter for too long and even though they took stellar care of him, he became a very grumpy boy.  He needed a lot more space to run & be a bunny & desperately needed love & a home.

Many of you know the story of how we fell in love with him long before we could adopt him.
(You can read the wonderful story right here if you'd like).
We both just knew he was meant to join our family.
I must say, going to the shelter (all 3 times) was by far not easy.
We were insanely excited about adopting our new family member
BUT we were also feeling awful & incredibly sad about all the buns we were leaving there.
It was worth the torn hearts though cause we came home with Teela, Yuuji, Flynn & Fren
and I just kept telling myself saving one (or in our case 4) was better than none at all.

Now he's an incredibly happy joyful rabbit.  Like a little puppy, following us around the house.
He just loves us so much...it's so awesome to feel that pouring out of him.
He is one of thee most enthusiastic buns we've ever had.
We can tell everyday that he appreciates his home.
He's just amazing and awesome and fabulous and snuggly.
and he has made my heart grows 10 times it's size.
He simply is 'Frenwyck the Incredible'...that's his nickname around here...also 'Muppet'.

So, yes, ha ha, you know me & my bunnies, I could go on and on...
So I'll just say Happy 1 year anniversary Fren.
Adopting you was one of the best things we've EVER done.


Michele T said...

Frenwyck is a beautiful boy - you are all so lucky to have each other!!

Jenn said...

I love it when you gush about you bun babies, It amazes me how unique each of their personalities is. I have a new generation of Maltese dogs. While the new gen remind of aspects of the original generation, all of the dogs have their own unquiet characteristics. Even if they all look alike. (To outsiders they all look alike... To me, they are so different.)

Jenn said...

I love the it when you do long posts on the buns,

Ann~Margaret said...

Sweet, precious Fren...you are just way too precious! So happy you have such a special home...with such special parents!! :)

Deyfenn Slayd said...

A whole blog post about my puppy??? LOVE FRENWYCK. He as warmed up so much in just one year.