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Friday, August 21, 2015


Everyone meet my newest little character
He's a Black Chinned Yuhina and has quite the interesting story...
but guess what? There are only 3 ways you can hear about his intriguing tale
1) buy a print of him in my shop
2) be a recipient of my newsletters or sign up if your not already on my list
 or 3) buy my very first book of quirky characters when it comes out.
And my lovely friends, this is where I leave you for a very short spell.
I am going to take a short blog break to enjoy these last days of August with my hon and buns.
When we come back in September we'll be moving over to my brand new website...
I will indeed let you know all the details when we come back.
See you again soon...Happy End of Summer and be super duper well.

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