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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Beguiling Juniper

Everyone meet my latest piece 'Beguiling Juniper'
Do you think she looks naughty?
Do you think she is going to be naughty?
Or maybe you think she's already done something considered naughty?
One must try to remember however that first impressions can be tricky...
What do you think Juniper's story is???

Those we get my newsletter got a look-see at Juniper before anyone else
but 8 x 10" Archival Art Prints of her are indeed already sitting in my shop.
Beguiling Juniper is actually 1 or 3 pieces of mine that are currently in a juried group exhibition at the AOM Gallery.
Have a fantastic weekend all...and cheers to our very first week of blogging here in our brand new space

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