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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Back To Blogger & Rolling With The Punches

Okay so some of you may have noticed that I am back to using blogger!
I tried a Wordpress interface to move my blog to my new website and I hated it!!
So much so that I seriously contemplated giving up on my blog!!!
And that would have been a shame since I've been working at this beloved space for over 8 years!

But ya gotta roll with the punches & have patience when technology makes your life hell right!!
SOOOOOOO Here's what I am gonna do.....
I am going to blog at my original home (Blogger) which I never should have left!

So those of you lovelies who prefer the old trusty space
will still continue to see all of my usual good awesomeness, ha ha
my blog will also be available through my beautiful new site
(which you MUST check out by the way if you haven't already).
The both of best worlds and the answer to the problem...blogging continues uninterrupted, phew!
(Huge HUGE thanks to my honey who helped me figure this all out!)

See ya's all tomorrow XXXOOO

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ah...I think we are back on track foo foo :-)

Wordpress is garbage. Performance issues, customization, security holes. Pass!

You are right though...you have to role with the computer punches for sure.