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Friday, October 16, 2015

Desk Delightful

I have over the years kinda taken over the whole house for my art because
a) my honey doesn't mind one fig if I do so
and b) it makes sense since I gotta keep our bunnies company in the different rooms after all.
I love moving my beloved goodies around in all my spaces,
especially on my upstairs coloured pencil desk...It's actually abit of an addiction actually!

This is how is looks currently...
Right now it's full of rabbity things which make me smile & lots of plants,
especially African Violets which also make me smile cause they make me think of my Mom.
Likely next week the arrangement will change again and I can't wait to do it...
slightly OCD perhaps yes but it makes me happy so I embrace it!


Natascha said...

Love all the light you get.... As I move plants in for the winter Im gonna have to resort to plant lights. Tonight we have a freeze warning so I'm going to have to heat my greenhouse.

Mandy Saile said...

Our home has always needed books, plants and animals in it to feel like a real home!