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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Mexican Magnificence

I was lucky to be able to get to the city a few times this past Spring & Summer,
because like a lot of people with animals, it's next to impossible for us to travel anywhere.
 It's proven impossible to find someone who will willingly navigate days and nights of
multiple boards & gates to climb over with the constant worry of making sure they are secure,
9 little constantly hungry begging mouths with big veggies dinners to chop up and make every night,
13 potties and 9 water dishes that need to be changed every single night,
hay and poop and pee having to be cleaned up atleast twice a day,
possibility of biting, wet socks & stolen toast & stomping & harrumping & chewing & naughtiness
and never a solid nights sleep because rabbits are nocturnal after all...

It really kinda sucks though because everyone seems willing to bend over backwards
to watch other people's human children (and well I think my babies are way cuter!!)
But apparently this is just the way things are, fair or not, so we have to make all of these city trips
as rather exhausting daytrips, meaning 8-10 hours of driving.
But we pack in as much as we can on each and every trip because that much driving in 1 day
AND being away from the buns for such a long period at such a far distance
is never a decision lightly made. 

Anyhow, one of the last times I went I spent the whole entire day
at the Royal Ontario Museum all on my own
(this was the same day that I saw the Pompeii display).
it was wonderful to be able to go through at my own pace & linger when & where I wanted.
I really really enjoyed the special exhibit on Mexican design & wardrobe.
Having studied Frida Kahlo in my college days and loving her since, this exhibit really hit home
because it's the exact like of clothing that she would have worn.
One of my favorite things about the day was when one of the guards came to me and said
'Psst...want to see something really cool and kind of like a secret?"
to which my response was "Um, Yes, I do..."
and he lead me to drawers that pulled out and revealed tons of super delicate Mexican samplers.
Needless to say I had to pull out every single one to oohh and ahhh
for my heart may belong mostly to coloured pencils but my heart has secret love for embroidery too.
I took tons of photos because I am pretty sure some of this will inspire and appear in future pictures.
Thanks for letting me share some of my favorites with you today...
now back to my sweet Jaks I go.
Have a wonderful day.

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