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Friday, October 30, 2015

On Jaks & Making His Butterflies

So I know I wrote earlier about being stressed out and sad over our spotted prince Jaks.
He was indeed rushed in for an emergency visit Monday evening
(we couldn't wait for the scheduled appointment for the following AM unfortunately)
and it is a diagnosis that we were expecting and fearing, congestive heart failure.
The crackling sound in his breathing and the little chocking sounds he's been making
are because his lungs are filling up with liquid.
But he's still extremely alert, enjoying his days and eating like a bear
so his doctor agrees with us, that it's not 'quite time yet' and we are grateful for that.
We now enter the very emotional topsy turvy time of balancing precious time with our boy
but than allowing our hearts and guts to tell us when it's time to gently help him pass
(I fear I am not so good with this part).
We've been through congestive heart failure with 2 rabbits before,
His doctor will come to our home when it's time,
but sometimes they are okay one minute & gone the next.
But we are hopeful and now have medication for him.
It won't buy us all much more time but it'll help him during what time he does have left.
1 medication will help his body drain the liquid from his lungs.
He had an injection of this drug on Monday and it definitely made him more comfortable
but the needle hurt so we had to wait for an oral fluid form to arrive.
The 2nd medicine will lower his blood pressure so that his little heart doesn't work so hard.
In the meantime we are with him, a lot (probably driving him alittle nuts!),
we are enjoying his royal cuteness, he's still making us laugh...
and he and I are making lots of new butterflies...these bugs were inspired by him after all!


Natascha said...

Aww so sorry- I lost my Giddy with heart failure. One day he was fine and the next gone. It broke my heart. He was my bunny of a lifetime.

Mandy Saile said...

This little guy is a special one...a tough nut...his new nickname is Jackie Chan, ha ha cause he has the rabbit karate chop down pat!