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Friday, November 6, 2015

3000 pounds

So when you have as many buns as we do, you have to look for ways to save some money...
(especially when we are dreaming and hoping of some day having a full-on rabbit rescue)
and we've recently found a great way that saves us over $700 a year!
We finally found Canwick hardwood pellets (it has to be the hardwood kind),
which are safe to use in our rabbit's litter pans.
This stuff is $6 a bag and good for the environment as opposed to the over $20 a bag
of the recycled newspaper stuff that we were buying every single week.
The hardwood pellets contains the urine smell alot better,
they can be tossed in the fireplace because that's their main purpose of course
and they compost a lot more nicely than the newspaper kind too...
which is great because we're big on composting in our house.
 There is only 1 local supplier in our city though, and they run out quickly,
so in the Fall, when the store brings the pellets out, we have to jump
and get on the very heavy task of ordering a pallet (which is 50 bags) to supply us for the year.

We had to borrow my Dad's trailer, do two trips...25 40 pound bags in each load.
It was 50 bags to load from the store to the trailer than from the trailer to the backyard
than the next day, because we were expecting rain, from the backyard to their spot in the garage!
I am not one of those girls who lets the boys do all the heavy lifting, no way no how!
I helped my honey and I did half of the lifting...
I lifted 3000 pounds over the course of 2 days...WHEW! I was proud of myself
and of course it always feels good to impress my man, ha ha


Natascha said...

Do you fluff them with water before you put them in your litter box or do you just use them whole? These are used in horse stalls but they are fluffed by adding water to them and then they puff up. These are used in horse stalls but they are fluffed by adding water to them. The wet spots can then be scooped out, like cat litter.

Bridget said...

wow you go girl, How many rabbits do you have.

Mandy Saile said...

Nope, no fluffing because they disintegrate to saw dust. We do buy inexpensive bales of timothy hay from local farms to use as a soft bedding on top of the pellets though and than the expensive hay from OxBow is put on top off all that! Than for clean up we compost the hay and burn the pellets (wet or dry) in the fireplace:D And yep for sure, we scoop out wet corners...usually we'll do this for two nights and than on the 3rd refresh the whole thing so no bacteria gets involved etc.

Ha ha thanks Bridget....we had 9 but we just lost our Frenwyck on New Years Day.