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Monday, November 9, 2015


I am glad that I am 'getting it'...
That growing a year older isn't a bad thing at all...It's a gift.
A birthday marks a year full of knowledge gained,
which can indeed make our journey through life easier.
It's a year of experiences had and learnt from.  I've always been big on learning.
It's 365 days of hardship & happiness, because let's admit it, life is hard
but hopefully it's always more of the latter, if your very lucky and smart with your perspective!
So today I turn another year older.
I am 38 years smart!
It's been a hard year in some ways but more so a really wonderful year...
I've been very lucky and blessed.
I've learnt to not be afraid of happiness but to grasp it and hold on for dear life, ha ha.
I've learnt to sing my own tune a little bit more clearly & not quite so shyly
and I can't wait to see what beauty and experiences unfold for me during my next 365.


Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Hoppiest of birthdays to you beautiful friend.

Mandy Saile said...

Hope your well Dear Shell and that you beautiful new cottage is all you've ever dreamed of XXXOOO I'll be by your blog to catch up really soon.