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Monday, November 2, 2015

Hay Time

It was recently that time of year to restock our bales of Timothy hay from our local growers.
So we picked up 4 bales for our brood and
than went back and bought 6 more bales for the precious buns at the Toronto Humane Society.
We plan to drop the 6 bales off at the shelter as soon as we can get back to the city.

People have said it's stupid that we are driving over 800km to donate hay...
but the point is that someone is doing it, period! If no one in the city is going to than we happily will!
In fact, if the buns at the shelter enjoy it,
we will make a hay donation part of our trip whenever we go to the city.


Deb said...

Very kind of you. :) Deb

Mandy Saile said...

It's a pleasure...we just unfortunately can't get up there right now to deliver the hay because our oldest boy needs his 2 heart meds twice a day.