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Friday, May 26, 2017

Food Friday

Need a dinner idea for this weekend?
(This one is gluten-free by the way).
My niece and my honey have been so sick this past month
so I've been eating on my own a lot  because I've been on a gluten-free diet myself,
and they have been opting for quicker, easier on the flu/cold kind of things.
But I loved this bean and rice dish that I whipped up for myself the other week...

I am a rice lover...
I'll always choose rice over pasta (so that part of a gluten allergy will be easy!)
Here I cooked up some black rice and whiles that cooked
I sauteed a whole can of Marizano tomatoes (chopped up) with celery, garlic, spinach
and white beans all in olive oil.  Once the rice was ready I put that all on top of the rice
with a smidge of Himalayan salt
and voila a healthy, pretty tasty easy meal made quickly for one.
Enjoy XO.

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