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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Stress & Secrets

So I know I've been mentioning briefly that things around here have been super stressful...
(hence the beautiful new orchid that I just had to treat myself too!)
I mentioned briefly that we've very suddenly have found my niece living with us
for sad reasons that we really want nothing to do with! but on top of that hugely stressful situation,
I've been dealing with a few health issues...
On top of my usual hard time with head pain and super bad migraines and very painful knees
& shoulders (because I am double-jointed and all my joints are worn out and arthritic!)

I've also been a tad grumpy (sorry baby!)
as I've been on a strict food elimination diet to see if I am gluten allergic!
Now I am also waiting on blood tests to see if I have Celiac disease!

On top of that I was having problems with my eyesight...
artwork has been going blurry as I work and my eyes just don't want to focus,
so that itself threw me into a complete loop of panic (because I've always had a fear of going blind!)
It's looking like my one eyes prescription has changed after like 30+ years of wearing glasses
which isn't a big deal after all,  thank goodness!
The problem there is that I have FIVE pairs of glasses that now need 1 lens corrected, argh!!!

The thing I was keeping most quiet about however was a cancer scare,
I had been having months of pretty intense and constant pain in my lower abdominal
that lead to my doctors of course, than ultrasounds etc
and of course you all know about the torturous-will-go-out-of-my-mind waiting for results part!
BUT what we were fearing was ovarian cancer however turned out thankfully to just be a hemorrhagic cyst, which has to have an eye kept on it but with no surgery needed at this point

I share this tale of my physical woes with you not because I look for sympathy but because
we are all biological beings where a million things can go wrong and it's scary as hell.
Why not reach out to one another for comfort and teaching and inspiration,
physical pain and problems is something we're all connected to...we should kindly share our tales!?

I mostly share however because I hope to urge all of my female chickies (and men too of course)
out there to further investigate and seek immediate help if you've any kind of abnormal pain.
I waited...a long two months, maybe more...I was a chicken, I didn't want to get any bad news,
that's usually not my MO, I usually jump on any problems right away
but this one had me totally frozen and I am lucky that it's turned out to be nothing...
but if it had been something, time may very well have been at the heart of solving it!

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