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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Goodbye Min-Min

He is gone our adorable Emmett, our Min-Min, our Meep.
His heart just gave out on him at 3:30am Thursday night....
he died as he came home, wrapped ever so tightly in my arms.
Our sweet as pie, adorable energetic box troll...what will we be without you,
your leaving such a huge hole, for us, for Korra-Soleil...our world without you will never be right.
Loosing you so suddenly, so unexpectedly...you weren't sick,
you didn't seem sick at all, but the doctor said your heart was very sick,
that there was nothing for us to do, that sometimes it just happens like that,
super quickly, nobody none the wiser...I know it's nature, that it's life but I am so so so angry....

I know I will eventually carry on and be happy again because to not do so would be me
ignoring all the beauty you gave and taught me...
being your mama has made me a better happier person and I thank you for that forever baby,
but I just don't want to be without you, it doesn't make sense, I can't let go yet.
Your zest for life every single day was more than I see in a lot of people.
You were only 5, we adopted you only a short 3 years ago, it wasn't enough time
and we had so much more to make up to you after this awful world gave you such a horrible start.
First Elsie a few mere weeks ago, now you our wild little house brownie...
I think my heart is going to give out too.

1 comment:

Snap said...

Bless you. I do know just how you feel. My beloved Rocky died at home one night ... he was so special. He was wise beyond his 3 kitty years. It's been many years and I still feel his absence ... even with 4 kitties sitting next to me. Wishing you well ... much love and many hugs.....