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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Art & Buns...Goodbyes...Buns & Art

Whenever I loose a bun-babe part of my mourning prcoess always brings two plans to mind!
1) to never adopt an animal ever ever again
because it hurts too damn much to say goodbye!
(I don't know if my brain has fully processed that Min-Min is gone
even if I just paid for his private cremation & confirmed what's to be written on his urn!)
and 2) to pack away all my art supplies
because I feel like I'll never be happy again so what's the point in making pictures!

Sometimes these feelings stick around for a short time, sometimes longer...
but who am I kidding...it all comes back around to buns and art doesn't it!
1) adopting animals and giving house rabbits a good home is what I am made for.
It's a huge huge part of what makes me tick and what makes me happy.
2) when I am happy I make art because how can I not be so inspired by all of these furry souls.
Oh I'll be okay...Misa is helping me, all the others are helping me, my art is helping me.
I will carry on Elsie's, Min's & every-buns else's spirit in my heart and ultimately in my work XO.

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