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Friday, October 6, 2017

The Piebird

One of my favorite all time places is The Piebird Farm Sanctuary and Vegan Farmstay.
(If your even in Northern Ontario & looking for a unique and beautiful place to stay check them out).

We had a special morning there early on in the summer, we grabbed some delicious vegan eats
from our favorite vegan eatery, The NorthStar and we brought our niece with us to visit
all the animal friends and family of Yan & Sherry at the Piebird
(check out the links, they have three wonderfully inspiring & beautiful streams on Instagram).

My favorite part of the day was watching a turkey take a sand bath, I've never seen that,
it was amazing and beautiful and just so completely reminded me of why I don't eat animals
(not that I needed a reminder!)
Seeing that turkey happy as can be with her sand bath...
she wants to enjoy & live life as much as I do
and what right do I or anyone else have to take that away from her, let alone for a passing meal!
(I am so glad we'll be celebrating & giving Thanks this Thanksgiving with a kind vegan meal!)

My other favorite part of many was Momma-Bill,
nicknamed William, a 14 or 15 year old goat who has free-run of the whole place,
he's happy on his own, coming & going where he pleases,
away from the antics of the younger rowdier crowd,
eating all of Sherry's flowers, joining them on the house deck for breakfasts.

The whole place just speaks of natural way of life,
a peace-filled existence with ample happy room for and with happy free animal friends.
It reminds me of what I possibly want to do in my near future...
move out to the country and create a place like this for us and bunnies,
maybe other animals too...what we're doing now basically but on a much larger scale.

Visiting with Sherry and Yan, reminds me of my long-standing dream...
It's a place that reminds me that there is kindness out there in this big bad dark world...
that there are kindred hearts living & making beautiful homes & family with animals friends
Much the way we live ours with our rabbits.
It's all about having huge hearts & compassion for all beings because why the heck not!!!

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