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Thursday, October 5, 2017

A Typical Day

My days look a lot like this lately...
I spend a lot of time outside with the different buns,
sketching, often stopping for heat/cold packs for my head & cleaning up for Winter.
I am out there rotating between 7 buns;
Korra-Soleil, Misa Adora, Henrie Biggens,
Leisel The Weasel, Yuuji Pudding,
Jaky Jelly Bean and Flynn the Flea...
I miss having 9 buns in the house...
but I keep busy whiles desperately missing
the dearest hearts no longer here...

Than after the chilly air chases us all in,
as dinner cooks, everyone settles in for a cozy evening
all together blessedly inside.
And as the sun slides away for another day
(and with running around & errands done)
I usually curl up and continue my sketching inside,
or if my head allows more serious work,
I'll dive into my colours during tv shows,
and  in between rabbit snugs & pain rests...
this is often our usual Fall routine...
all goodness and beauty intermingled with tender tender hearts,
all rotating around each other late into the night.

What does your Fall routine look like?

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