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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Share Sunday On Saturday

I feel the need to post my usual Share Sunday today instead of waiting another day,
so this week it's a Share Saturday if you please.

This week as we here in Northern Ontario Canada are blissfully buried under cold pure white snow,
we put out extra seeds, peanuts and apples etc for the birds, critters and deer
and extra old blankets in the garage for the squirrels that live out there,
we provide little areas where they can huddle in for warmth and get a break from the snow
and we know that the bunny fluff we spread outside all last Fall will be keeping lots of nests warms.
But my heart has been hurting deeply as my mind is just constantly on the fires in California.
I of course feel for all the people being affected but my heart aches for all the animals.
So this week my Share Sunday are good/happy links amidst all the devastation...

I keep watching this
I think I keep watching it because whiles my heart chokes at the fear these animals must feel,
I have hope that there are more kind people out there than I think there are, willing to stop & help.

I know there are going to be beautiful places and people like this
and like this who will be opening their doors & offering a hand to all of those
misplaced & injured (but I can't help but constantly think on all the ones who didn't make it).

 but it's all of the good stories that I am trying to concentrate
on so my heart doesn't feel such overwhelm.  It's easy for me to look down on people in general
because as a person who has rescued animals first hand & who adopts shelter bunnies, I see
how animals are treated poorly & forgotten by people, it can breed hate sometimes, so it's a must for me to concentrate on and find the good stories & kind people, the amazing people who

I will be looking at my favorite animal charities & will decide which one is best to make a donation to but if your anywhere near the area and your able to help out in any way, shape or form
there is a list at the bottom of this article to point you in the right direction

XOXO Hugs and Kisses from my tender heart to all of my fellow tender-hearted XOXO

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